Junior Groomsmen

Full disclosure – I didn’t have the best photographic time at the wedding last weekend. The church was really dark. And I didn’t have a flash with me. Apparently I was too busy being nervous about my misogynistic reading to properly pack the bag. So I got a handful of decent shots at the rehearsal (a few are below).

For the wedding itself, I didn’t take a single picture. Two reasons. First, I was pissed off furious upset as all hell. So I left the camera in the car. Second, my brother in law took the kick-ass lens I was planning on using. Apparently the birth of his second child trumped my wedding photo needs. Can’t argue with that.


4 responses to “Junior Groomsmen

  1. I think the logical follow-up comment is… Why were you furious upset as all hell?

  2. I’m with the Nat on this one.

  3. Why? Overly dramatic family drama which sent my stomach into painful cramps for almost a week. Thought I had an ulcer.

    Silly family.

  4. None of those children are your adorable nephew.
    PS You need to post the passage you read. It’s been a while since you had a nice religious argument with strangers :)

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