In Case of Rapture, Run Like Hell

Apocalypse when?

This is what I saw when leaving work yesterday.  Lovely.

In other news of the scary, CEO’s of failing businesses make more for getting fired than you’ll make in a lifetime.

Also, someone “mistakenly” changed the date and reposted an article, from 2002, about United Airlines going bankrupt.  Result?  Stock nose dives, United freaks out. Who could have done such a thing?  Ohhh, I don’t know….whoever was buying United stock on the way down might be someone worth looking at.  I like to think a staffer at the South Florida Sun Sentinel saved every penny for the last six years, waited for the right day, released the story, bought as much United as he could get his hands on while the price crashed, then promptly retired after the correction back to the original stock value.  If he  bought at a per share average of $5.50 or less, he’d double his money.


3 responses to “In Case of Rapture, Run Like Hell

  1. Great sky.

    Whenever we see skies like that here in Sydney, especially when there is a slight green tinge in them, we park our cars under cover because hail is on it’s way.

  2. In case of Rapture, Alaska is safe. I’m surprised people aren’t moving there by the iditerod-full.

    You would think United would be ahead of that story unless the reporter had an inside source too.

  3. One nation under god!

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