What is SAPCC you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Russell, one of my good friends and photographer extraordinaire, asked me to participate in a weekly photographic challenge.  Homework, basically.  We choose a theme, then shoot something we think expresses said theme.  SAPCC is Super Awesome Photo Challenge Club.  Catchy name, I know.

The theme for the inaugural week?  The end of summer.  This is my submission:

Click to see full size.  And now, Russell’s submission.

Thoughts?  End of summer?


11 responses to “SAPCC #1

  1. That is some Beautiful Color! Love the stripe!

  2. Oh forlorn summer swimtrunks…

  3. I think you should find a fat gal named summer and take a pic of her haunches.

  4. Not bad. That diagonal color is great, but your world is wet and the trunks are dry…

    If the camera was square to the handrail, I think it’d be a great artistic shot. Lots of dark colors and right angles and all of a sudden a slash of brilliant lines. The diagonal handrail steals a bit of the swim trunks’ thunder.

    I’ll nose around my computer and see if I have anything to submit to SAPCC.

  5. smack – is that your answer for everything?

    Chris – yeah, they were dry. Deal with it. The later shots were of wet shorts but I didn’t like them nearly as much. Unfortunately, I agree about the angle. Damn damn damn.

    The next sapcc topic is “glass”. And it has to me a new shot, stay off your hard drive.

  6. I’m on board with SAPCC, though I’m nominating that you host so that it can be called the “Penis in a Rowboat Weekly Pissing Contest.”

    My submission is here.

  7. truthfully it looks like the shorts were placed there , it does not look natural, ive seen you do better.

  8. I love it because it looks like “fall” dew, not summer. Although, really the end of summer for swim shorts means washing them and putting in the summer clothes Rubbermaid for storage. (:
    Very nice photo.
    By the way, I think the shorts should be dry because it is the end of summer and therefore I am assuming have not been used for awhile but have been forgotten there…

  9. Your grandmother is here, calling your site, “rowboat” in my latest post which has my end of summer image. I know I wasn’t asked but I am trying to do anything but think about politics and financial bailouts, including my own.
    Here it is:

  10. Pat, you are more than welcome to participate. I see a certain similarity to my end of summer shot, but I like how you combined the two.

    SAPCC #3 is water, due wednesday.

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