SAPCC #2 – Glass

Live from the mothership. I had to swing by the Apple company store since I was working just down the street. This photo does not come from Apple, but rather from my office bar. I call it “Morning Light, Morning Regret.”

I’m about to kill some time at the SFO airport, so I thought I’d go ahead and get this post over with. Enjoy.

First, check out Russell’s glass.

And then have a look at Chris’s.

And one more with Conni’s.

Next week, look for some photos about water.  They are due on Wednesday, between noon and midnight.


11 responses to “SAPCC #2 – Glass

  1. Very nice. Love the colours.

  2. Yes, nice colors. Every have any issues with your images desaturating upon upload to the web?

  3. Thanks.

    And yes, RAW to jpg always loses saturation and contrast. Then jpg to web loses even more. I’ve started overcompensating back at the raw level.

  4. Excellent color. That last bottle on the left draws my eye right to it. Sweet reflection too!

  5. Exactly…office bar? I work in education–WE need an office bar!

  6. Oh, yeah, we have a sick bar in the office. I’m pretty sure we covered this….

    The photo in the post was before the TV and liquor were installed.

    And Shannon, haven’t those children suffered enough? You can’t forget the “happy hour” attitude of our CHS faculty. I mean, look how we turned out.

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  9. Play? Play? This, my dear, is serious business. Go to the park if you must “play”.

  10. If raw to jpeg loses saturation & contrast, should I shoot in raw+jpeg mode?

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