The pin-striped men of morning are coming for to dance. With pure Egyptian cotton, the kids don’t stand a chance.

So tired.  So very very tired.  Work has been in crazy mode, trying to make the house livable eats the remaining hours, and I had a trip to San Francisco to do an interview.  Excuses, excuses.  No reason to ignore the blog.

Flew to SFO on Tuesday afternoon.  Got seated next to an emo girl who depressed the shit out of me.  I was ready to grow some bangs over my eyes and get some black eye makeup.  Sigh.  And the flight attendant was the Crypt Keeper.  No, that’s not fair, she wasn’t nearly as friendly as the Crypt Keeper.

Once again, my charm earned me a free upgrade on the rental car.  No Aveo for me.

After an obligatory trip to In-N-Out burger (yum), I took my Mazda for an hour long drive through San Francisco.  I initially drove through the Tenderloin.  My fault.  That quickly faded away as I climbed Nob and Russian Hill.  Down Lombard, then through North Beach and the Marina.  Love that city.  I’ve always felt so at home in NYC and San Francisco….maybe that means something.

Needing to prep for the morning, I drove down to my hotel in Cupertino.  The Woodcrest Hotel.  Freaking weird.  How weird?

Stairs up to my room.  Mental note, don’t rush out the door in the morning. And inside the door?

Vaulted ceiling, track lighting, murphy bed.  Huge room.  Large foyer.

If nothing else, I could put the bed up and play racquetball in the middle of the night.

So.  Damn.  Weird.


8 responses to “The pin-striped men of morning are coming for to dance. With pure Egyptian cotton, the kids don’t stand a chance.

  1. Those are some sweet stains on the carpet.
    I’d imagine from all the sexy parties that occur when that bed is raised.

  2. Wow, it looks more like a bedroom from 1989. It’s good that you could easily check for leftover surprises from previous visitors.

  3. Oooh that gives me the creeps for some reason. That weird bed in a vast empty room…

  4. murphy beds scare the shit out of me because I tihnk that all the bugs and darkness mutating weirdos of the world sleep in it while it’s put up.

  5. And somewhat creepy. I’d have trouble sleeping in a room that large and empty.

  6. It was not my favorite room. Very odd. And I haven’t even described the pointlessly large bathroom, shower with it’s own cave, and wooden bench stolen from a sauna and placed next to the sink. Just think about that.

  7. This makes me think about sinister Italian men, sawing equipment, plastic tarps, and very unlucky people for some reason.

  8. that wooden bench is covered in dirty taint shadows.

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