Satisfactory Suburban Saturday

I’ve already started with a lie.  This isn’t the suburbs, it’s the city of Raleigh.  But…Raleigh is so damn wooded and green and atypical, this would pass for suburbs in most American cities.  First ring suburbs.  I mean, I’ve got nearly a half acre of property…I can’t fathom what that would cost within Chicago, San Francisco or Seattle city limits.

I began the day with a run – it’s high time I get out and exercise this body of mine.  Not having a free gym at work anymore is no longer an excuse.  It’s been a year.  Now I need to whip this bag of bones back into fighting shape.  And if not fighting shape, arguing shape at the very least.  So I ran a mile.  With the hills and humidity as excuses, I dragged my ass back up the driveway and collapsed on the porch steps.  If my goal is to run a 10k in the next six months, I need to get back the endurance I’ve lost.

The bulk of the day was spent in the house.  I spent $600 at Home Depot, replaced two toilets, re-aligned all the electrical outlets to be flush with the new kitchen backsplash, hung a new curtain rod in the dining room, mowed the front yard*, mowed my neighbor’s front yard (he’s 93 and alone), put the guest bed frame back together, then finally found my way to a shower.

My father-in-law-in-a-rowboat swung by for an overnight on his way to Virginia, so we took him out for a lovely mexican meal accompanied by a pitcher of margaritas.  I got drunk**.  It was nice.  We came home and watched “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill”.  I f’n love San Francisco.  I want to go back.

This could be one of the most boring blog posts ever.

*The wife in a rowboat started mowing the front yard and her tank top was getting repeated “wooo’s” and whistles from passing drivers.  That’s fine.  But then some guy pulled over in front of the house and just stared at her.  Fucking creepy.  She abandoned ship.

**I think I’m still a little drunk.  But my spelling is, as always, impeccable.  Woot.


3 responses to “Satisfactory Suburban Saturday

  1. See people, we still live in a world where a woman with great cans can’t mow the lawn peacefully.

    Question though, was the front cut out? Then it’s like… shame on her.

  2. Way to victimize the victim.

    And why are you talking about her cans? I showed you those pictures in confidence.

  3. Wouldn’t father-in-law in a rowboat be the penis? Mmmmm… margaritas.
    That’s more than creepy. Then again, I did see some strange things when I left.

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