The digital swap meet

The rise of the internets has been great.  Especially for porn.  And for finding great deals on other stuff…like rugs and furniture.

I present case #1: an 11′ x 14′ oriental rug, direct from Iran.  What would you pay for this?  C’mon, really.  How much do you think it’s worth.  Cause the wife got it off ebay for a scant $250, including shipping.  I was dubious, but the quality is actually better than advertised, it’s hand signed, and really heavy.  Win.

Case #2: antique repro kitchen island.  Solid wood, heavy as hell.  It’s got drawers on both sides and a great natural look.  $180 on craigslist.  So cheap that I’m actually feeling guilty about it.

Don’t look at my kitchen floor…it’s hideous.  I’ll get around to tiling it sometime this fall.

Also, what does this say about my life?  I’m excited about a rug and furniture.  Not exactly the high rolling, jet setting plans I made back in high school.


3 responses to “The digital swap meet

  1. Uh, I go grocery shopping on Friday nights. I get excited to go to BJ’s (wholesale club, that is) and I could spend hours in Target. Just you mentioning putting new tile in your kitchen made me want to jump up and watch HGTV. Yup, we’re losers.

  2. Looks like it’s time to watch “Fight Club” again.

  3. Damn, Razz! Ouch. But true. Very true.

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