SAPCC #3 – water

My lens broke.  This is my Canon Powershot.  No processing at all.

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8 responses to “SAPCC #3 – water

  1. Hey, this is pretty damn good! The highlights aren’t even blown out which is what happens on my Canon Powershot all the time. My submission is on my site.

  2. I’m really loving your lines in this Photo.

  3. Pat – Thanks. This is 1.75 stops underexposed. Who said those manual controls were worthless?

    Thanks Russ. I learned from the best.

  4. THIS was the kind of thing I was looking for. I love puddles. PS How did the lens break?

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  6. Hey, Magnum. This is great. So nice to see a shot that didn’t need ‘help’. Hope your ailing lens gets better soon.

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