New lens – Canon 50mm 1.8

I bought it used for $70.  Very plastic construction.  I’m hoping the $70 lens can overcome my $60 talent.

First shot. 1/180, 1.8, 400iso

Now I have a lens to take on vacation while my primary Sigma gets repaired.


4 responses to “New lens – Canon 50mm 1.8

  1. I want a 1.8. Where did you find it so cheap?

  2. The 1.8 is an awesome lens. It’s one of the sharpest canon makes. That actually reminds me that I have a nikkor 50/ 1.8 sitting around that I haven’t used in a while. On your camera it’s a 75mm 1.8, which is like a $500 portrait lens. Thank god for comments.. I’m at the world’s worst party right now. Kickass photo. Like the little red blip in the corner.

  3. It’s only $90 new, but I found a used copy at my local camera shop. I also found that I have to send my big lens off to Sigma. Shat.

    I took a bunch of shots with it today – some are very sharp, especially at 1.8. I’m liking it so far.

  4. Chris, I don’t believe the 50mm f/1.8 is one of the sharpest lens Canon makes. It’s quite sharp but only if you stay f2.8 and beyond, and the bokeh can sometimes be not that great because of the aperture blades.

    That being said, price-wise, you cannot go wrong with this lens.

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