SAPCC #4 – absence

See: Russell




Theme for next week: FUR.  Due 10/15.


7 responses to “SAPCC #4 – absence

  1. Look who’s got a sweet new lens!
    This really hits the nail sir. Great job!

  2. Oh, I feel sad just looking at it. And, jealous. Cuz I should clean things out, too. But, mostly, it makes me think things are gone for good. Is that your new lens?

  3. this is wonderfully creepy. Like abused ghost children stashing cat food in there.

    What’s the next subject? I’ll try not to suck this time.

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  5. “Like abused ghost children stashing cat food in there.” Caption of the week :)

    That lens is awesome. I love the detail of the paint chips.

  6. Thanks all. I have several others from this photo session that would have also fit absence. I’ll put those together in a separate post.

    Yes, this is the deluxe bargain lens. It’s not so sharp at 1.8, which this is, but it’s working beyond its modest cost.

  7. That 50mm should be tack sharp. On a digital sensor, a fantastic portrait lens.

    I agree, creepy. Like a documentary film still from a horror flick. I expect a clue to be in there somewhere.

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