SAPCC #5 – Fur

I’ve been running like a madman since returning from vacation.  I didn’t get to pose the fur shot I had hoped for, but this was taken on Saturday and I think it fits well.  Given the conent of my photos last week, are you surprised?

I give you fur…and nose.

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Next week’s theme: phobias


7 responses to “SAPCC #5 – Fur

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  2. Love it. Want to squeeze it. Check out the piece of leaf on that guys nose! Michael you interrupted dinner!

  3. Ewwww….I don’t think real cows are cute at all! It is a cow, right? Does it have a cold? Sinus? Allergy season in the dairy? Or is that a bull? Know nothing about cows or bulls. But, I do know you were up close and personal with this creature and your news lens!

  4. I’m sucking serious ass with this. I always remember on Thursday.

  5. Er, Monsieur Head Penis, aren’t you slacking off a bit? It has been almost a week.

  6. Oui oui, Mme Avec Le H, I’ve been a quite absent over the last seven days. I promise to try harder.
    Things have been hectic around the house…errr, shorts.

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