SAPCC #6 – Phobias

Don’t hassle me…I was hanging a ceiling fan that had to be up before I left for Chicago (tomorrow).  Phobias…interesting theme.  I don’t have any severe phobias – I’m not a fan of heights when I’m not strapped in (like on a roller coaster), and snakes have never been high on my list.

I only have two legitimate, if irrational phobias.  The one I chose for SAPCC?  Dairy.  I’ve had a lingering fear that milk (and other dairy) has already spoiled, regardless of the date on the package.  This stems from a holiday at a relative’s house where I was assured the milk was good…only to pour a tall glass of phlegmy clumps.  Gag.

My other phobia?  Being electrocuted.  I nearly chose this photo instead.

Please have a look at the other SAPCC participants:





And, with great fanfare, we finally have the work of Smack!

Next week?  Beginnings.  Due by midnight, 10/29.


7 responses to “SAPCC #6 – Phobias

  1. Holy crap I’m with you on that. I won’t drink milk a week after buying it just to be safe, seriously. Nice job sir. Great now I’m nauseous…and I want oreos.

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  3. My friend used to be super scared of that too. She would insist that she saw “swirlies” in the milk & refuse to drink it.
    Oddly enough, another of the pics that I took was of a milkshake… Fear of my lactose semi- tolerance. I didn’t think it was that good though but it made me laugh to see that “dairy” was your phobia :)

  4. I’m further milk-paranoid because here in New York there are two expiration dates. The regular one, then one that says “6 days earlier in NYC.” Why does milk spoil faster in New York City?

    BTW, my SAPCC photo is going to be late. I’m temporarily sans photo editing program. Check back tomorrow.

  5. Like Conni, I laughed when I saw your milk carton. I have a friend who has some “odd” eating phobias. One of them: he can’t drink milk near a window.

    It is somehow related to fear of rancid milk but logic is a bit fuzzy. Are you the one who picks these wonderful themes or is it Russ? I’m confused.

  6. I had no idea I was in such company with my dairy fear. Good to know.

    I’m not sure what is wrong with NYC milk…other than all the negative energy of you city people can curdle dairy in mere seconds.

    Pat – No milk near a window? Weirder than me. And the themes alternate. Russ picked Glass, Fur, and Phobias. I chose End of Summer, Absence, and Beginnings. Water was chosen by Chris of

    Russ brought the club idea to me and I jumped on it, even if it was just the two of us playing. I then gave it the SAPCC name as a joke, but it stuck.

  7. I want to pick week 8. I have a good one.

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