On the road again…

Well, not yet. Almost. Flying out in two hours and sixteen minutes. I promise to actually update the blog while I’m gone.

For now, enjoy this wonderful song, “Max” by Paolo Conte. I had never heard of him before Razz of All the Dumb Things mentioned this delightful singer. As for this song…the melody is thoroughly intoxicating. I don’t speak Italian, and the lyrics might be about his three legged dog, but I hope somebody writes a song like this about me someday.


3 responses to “On the road again…

  1. Here’s the lyrics in English

    Max was just Max
    Calmer than ever
    His lucidity…..

    Stop it Max,
    Your Easiness
    Don’t over simplify things, Max…..


    Doesn’t explain himself
    Let me out, Max
    I can see a secret
    Getting closer, Max

  2. I’m sorry. What does it mean “I promise to actually update my blog while I’m gone.” It has been three days dude…

  3. Yeah, neglect! Updating while I was gone turned out to be more than I could do.

    And last night I had to sleep in the Philadelphia airport because of a weather delayed missed connection. Didn’t really “sleep”. Ran straight to work this morning on ZERO sleep.

    So. Damn. Tired.

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