SAPCC #7 – Beginnings

It starts with one step, right?

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5 responses to “SAPCC #7 – Beginnings

  1. This is great. You know its good when a photo you’ve taken makes the viewer want to explore the scene…I really want to see whats up those stairs.

  2. What a good image for these times, Mt. Brooks! Change of any kind does indeed begin with one step. Maybe even if we have to build the steps one brick at a time, as well. These steps would cost a fortune today!

  3. The first one is the hardest… I like the position of the stairs leading out of the frame and darkening into the unknown. I’d like to see a hard monochrome version – it might add to the sense of foreboding.

  4. I was having commenting issues last night… It’s tough to comment when you aren’t logged on. I love the black & white. I am particularly fond of the cracks in the steps and clear evidence of their various repairs.

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