SAPCC #8 – Self Portrait

First, I’d like to give Russ the finger for picking a theme which I am terrible at. The only good photographs of me have been taken by Russ, so I think he planned this in an effort to discredit my work as an artist.

It’s been a long, difficult week. This photo comes from my trip to the dentist. I held the camera, I pushed the button, I take the blame.


As always, please visit the other lovely SAPCC photographers: Russ, Chris, Conni, Pat and (maybe) Smack.

Next week’s theme, suggested by Smack, is “the rub”. Be creative. I’ve already got several ideas.

More of my dental visit photos after the jump…





10 responses to “SAPCC #8 – Self Portrait

  1. The raw emotion is outstanding. Out of context it’s heartrending. In context, the displeasure on your face makes me smell the latex gloves and taste the chalky cleaning paste. I can hear the sound of the drill… my theory is that the drill is tuned to the same audio frequency as nails on a chalkboard – that’s what makes your eyes water – it’s hearing that sound and knowing what’s coming. I heard a rumor that the dental drill company also makes bondage equipment.

  2. Having just returned from the periodontist, I wince just looking at this. I’ve already popped a few Advil and am planning on ice cream for dinner. Chris just made all the good observations!!

    You may be having a bad week, but this photo was great.

  3. This made me laugh hard, I love it! I love that you brought your camera in with you. I bet they thought you were insane.

  4. Super funny. I love the intentional cropping. A trip to the dentist without the obligatory “Ahhhhh” mouth wide open shot. The look on your face in the second one is hilarious. “I have how many cavities?”
    Very nice work.
    AND I have seen other self portraits of yours that were also good. Give yourself some credit.

  5. Chris – I have a bigger problem with the smell of drilling… Ick. I cringe just thinking of it.

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  7. is your dentist frank booth!?

  8. again I fail :(

  9. Thanks all. The dentist was a bit surprised by the camera. And I kept snapping while the hygienist did the cleaning. She didn’t like that.

    FF – Yes, he is. He also made me drink Pabst Blue Ribbon while the receptionist sang “In Dreams” into the spotlight. It was great. And, I dreamed about finding an ear last night. Seriously.

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