Monday Random – Japanese Food

The sign overhead read “Hibachi Japan.”  Who out there needed further clarification on what food would be served there?  In the name of the restaurant we’ve already covered the style (Hibachi) and origin (Japan).  Why must everything be so over-explained?

If you walk in, scratch your ass, and wonder aloud what kind of food Hibachi Japan might serve…you should probably head back to the combination KFC/Taco Bell.



4 responses to “Monday Random – Japanese Food

  1. Yipes. Did you forget your meds today? Or did that big ol’ machine fall out of your car on the way back to Home Depot in front of this restaurant?

    Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb? I fell for that and would probably need a bit of obviousness anywhere I go!

  2. So, certain foods are from japan, is that racist?

  3. Racist? Nothing to do with that. I was pained by the unnecessary nature of the sign. Too obvious. Over-explained.

    It would be like Burger King putting out a sign saying “We serve burgers.”

  4. You cant say black people ,its African American you cant say Indian its native American you cant say retarded it mentally handicap, just wondering where they draw the line?

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