SAPCC #9 – The Rub

A theme that needs some thought. My favorite kind.

This isn’t my best picture, not by far, but the meaning is there. In the background, my $28,000 car waits patiently under a blanket of leaves. Its new owner will take possession tomorrow or Friday. In the foreground, my new ride: an 11 year old Subaru sedan. Only $1,700, cash. It needs a new tire on the passenger front. The cassette player (cassette!) and heating controls have no lights, making for fun when the sun goes down.

But, like too many Americans, I’ve consumed too much and it’s time to purge. Goodbye car payment. Goodbye unnecessary stuff. It’s the rub, and it feels okay.


Have a look at the other SAPCC photos:


Chris…is in Mexico. I know where his UWS apartment is. You bring the truck and we can clean him out.




And next week’s theme will be….Time.


12 responses to “SAPCC #9 – The Rub

  1. I so agree that this photo works for this theme. The menace is palpable.

    I’m right there with you in letting go of unnecessary stuff–however, I went to an art exhibit today and found it “necessary” to buy the exhibition book (my weakness).

    So, I’ve got a little boot strap upping to do yet.

  2. I’m with w1kpp up there. This was a hard photo to do because of the thought. But you definitely captured it. I might actually like the stories more than the pictures with this SAPCC thing (not just this one, all) but that’s probably the writer in me. although, the perfect marriage is image and word :)

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  4. I feel for your car issues seeing I had a bitch of a car week myself.
    I like this shot but I wish I could see more of the car in the background. The reflection of the leaves in the new car is really nice btw.

  5. Me, too, in the bitch of car week contest. Let me see, there are five of us doing this photo challenge thingy and three of us had car ISSUES.

    ah! now there’s a rub, if not THE rub.

  6. Are you saying connie or chris had something to do with this?!?

  7. No, but now that you mention it….hmmm.

    What’s next week theme!!??

  8. I approve of this cassette player aquisition. I rue the day that mixed tapes died. Nothing says love (or hate) like a carefully crafted mixed tape. Question: what do you put on it?

  9. Thanks all. It’s quite the change, but it’s the right change.

    Tiff – Who is the mixtape for? Mixtapes are a science, carefully assembled for a specific person. I’m afraid I can’t possibly answer your question without further parameters.

  10. The leaves on the Honda are like a blindfold. That makes me sad. The subaru is shiny. Car woes are definitely “the rub.” One of the shots in my mind was going to be a shot of my blinking overdue service monitor. Knock on wood, I did not have a car issue but my front tires are pretty bald & I am overdue by 1400 miles.

    PS At least you can adapt an ipod through the cassette player. Those fm transmitters are shit.

  11. I’m starting to feel the squeeze a bit myself. Of course if my company would just pay me what they owe me…

    I just got back and will be posting a few photos, belatedly, for “the rub.”

  12. I also had car woes recently. The attendants in a parking lot (that charged me $22 for two hours), backed a trailer hitch into my hood and crumpled it. Required repairs? New hood, new grille, new fender liner, and paint to blend it all together. The parking lot’s position? “Wasn’t me.”

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