Friday morning and it’s snowing in North Carolina

And I don’t mind at all.  Bring it on.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we need a national 4-way stop education day.  Everyone will take off work and watch a four hour infomercial on how to drive when you reach one of these oh-so-tricky intersections.  People who otherwise drive with a modicum of decency and intelligence seem to wet themselves and go soft in the  head every time they’re forced to analyze who has the right of way.  It’s not that hard.  Really, it isn’t.  And if you pass the 4-way test, next week we’ll tackle the traffic circle.  Ooooh scary.

Speaking of driving, I’ve noticed a discrepancy in local signage: “Reduce speed ahead” and “Reduced speed ahead.”  The first is an imperative, which can be viewed as a polite command.  It says, you should slow down.  The second, however, is making a ballsy assumption.  It’s telling me what’s going to happen, as in “Oh yes, once you get further up the road, you’ll have slowed down because that’s what I’m telling you to do.” It’s assuming compliance…and I just don’t appreciate that.  You know what, DOT, you’ll catch a lot more flies with honey.


3 responses to “Friday morning and it’s snowing in North Carolina

  1. Where do I sign up for this 4 way stop sign course? I’m one of those who each time I find myself at one, I’m thinking, is it from the right or the left that this sequence flows. But, traffic circles?? Bring it on. I’m the master.

  2. How about a course on what to do at yield signs? That seems to throw everyone into a tizzy.

  3. That picture is awesome. It looks like a UFO from a cheesy sci-fi flick. Love it.

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