SAPCC #11 – Depth

This is Matt. He’s been a good friend for quite a long time. When I pulled out the camera at breakfast, he quickly applied the sunglasses…to cover his depth. It’s easy to hide that way. Trust me, there’s a lot behind those glasses. Unseen depth.


See the others:






Renee (new)

Next week?  The assignment is Grime.

Alternate cropped version of the above shot.


8 responses to “SAPCC #11 – Depth

  1. Unseen depth and shallow depth of field – are you implying something?

  2. I may prefer the cropped version because the focus is more on that covered eye. The jury is still out though. Did you add the shadows on the right side of the picture or is that how it turned out? I like that effect.

  3. I think I prefer the cropped version as his smile is sort of Mona Lisa like. He probably won’t want to hear THAT, but I mean it in the best way. Sort of inscrutable but implying something. I think I’d like you to try and take a portrait of him and his depth without glasses on. Would he mind?

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  5. I like the black and white and his wrinkly forehead. And I sort of like how flippant you are this week. It’s been dark and now today it’s like, meh, here you go, breakfast, smirky friend, have a day.

  6. Smack, that’s a hilarious observation. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but I sort of hope it is.

  7. Now I can’t not look at that wrinkle in his forehead.
    Great portrait! I want to see behind those sunglasses.

  8. Black and white portraits always prod the viewer to see the absolute soul of the person, glasses or not, I can see Matt’s depth shining through.

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