Thanksgiving again

This isn’t my favorite holiday.  Not nearly.  I’d be pressed to pick an actual favorite, but I can guarantee this would not be in my top ten.  Why?

1.) I’m not a big eater.  People make so much fuss over the turkey and stuffing and the potatoes and the hideous cranberry slime and the yams and the rolls and I’m sick of it already.  I just can’t put that much focus on food.  Give me a delicious chicken taco anyday.

2.) I got my first migraine on Thanksgiving day in 1996.  I had no idea why my eyes were flashing, why I saw zebra stripes on everything and why i was suddenly nauseous and in so much pain.  Had I known it was a migraine, I wouldn’t have attempted the 45 minute drive back from my uncle’s house, alone.  Bad idea.  I made it home, but it was harrowing.  Strike 2.

3.) I’m pretty miserable right now and I’m having a hard time being thankful for much of anything.  Let’s leave it at that.

I don’t have any alcohol here and the North Carolina state-run liquor stores weren’t open today.  No whisky for me.  But I do have the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.  It’s quite possibly the most depressingly beautiful music ever.

I do, however, wish all of you, my real and digital friends, a very happy thanksgiving.  Unless you live in Canada…you already had yours.  Don’t be greedy, you hosers.


5 responses to “Thanksgiving again

  1. You forgot the part about family fights and being around abusive siblings or parents for the so-called sake of family.

  2. Make yourself a couple of chicken tacos, for God’s sake! And then think about an image, creating a photograph that suggests what your migraine looked and felt like in 1996. Focus on past pain in a creative way and maybe today’s pain will feel differently?

    Hell, I don’t know. But, it works for me.

  3. O, yes, I forgot one thing: turn that damn music off. What you most definitely don’t need is the most depressingly beautiful music ever. C’mon, now, work with me here. I’m glad those liquor stores aren’t open or else we’d have to install a webcam or something to check on you.

  4. No need for webcams…I’m hiding out with a couple books and a stack of movies. And I suppose I should find some grime to photograph.

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