The Holiday Spirit

It’s Friday, and apparently it’s also black.  I wouldn’t know because I would never head out to shop on such a crazy day.

But my older sister did.  And she went out for food, not presents.  As her husband ventured off to bring the car to the door (inclement weather), she stayed at the front of the store waiting dutifully.  When the wind picked up, she backed slightly into the store and kept looking out the window for signs of the car.  I’m not sure how long this took…but with everyone and their au pair out shopping, parking lots were no doubt crowded.

She sees the car pull up out front and grabs her cart.  Or, rather, would have grabbed her cart if someone had not taken it from where she was standing.  It was gone.  Some thieving bastard saw her distracted and swooped in for the kill.  Thankfully it was only $160 in groceries, and not some tragic loss of someone’s complete xmas shop.

Still….you bastards!


4 responses to “The Holiday Spirit

  1. This would send me into hysterics.

    1. Grocery shopping is never fun and to have to do it all over again would suck.

    2. $160 is two weeks worth of food, cleaning supplies, and diapers.

    3. All those wasted coupons…what a shame.

    This was not a joyful nor triumphant day for your sister.

  2. My cousin, who runs a store in a the Palm Beach area, says there has been a rise in crime in Palm Beach and surrounding areas, in fact, all around the area in the past few months.

    This is not helping your holiday malaise. My grandfather, a rather notorious fellow, was going to write a biography called “Bastards I Have Known”. There were some who might have put his name in that book.

  3. Shan – The police who responded came directly from a call at the Eastern Hills Mall (ahh, childhood memories) where a mother had gone out to her car to unload some of her shopping, then ventured back for more. Big mistake. Thieves were watching, and they made off with $2,500 in xmas presents for the family. That is holiday spirit.

    Then again, this family will no doubt be on the local news, telling their tale, and the community will respond with an overwhelming display of support (probably far more than they actually lost). So, it makes me wonder, was there really a crime? Or did some extraordinarily heartless people craft the story to rip off the community? Yes, I’m too skeptical sometimes.

    Pat – I think that would be a phenomenal book, and I can’t wait to see the chapter about me. I bet your grandfather was an entertaining man to have a drink with.

  4. god, why are people so dumb? like, steal from the corporation, not the person who has just bought and paid for the stuff!

    this makes me riled

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