SAPCC #12 – Grime

Hated this theme. I thought I’d see grime everywhere. Nope. I’ve learned this area is remarkably clean, which clearly doesn’t help me in the photo challenge club. The most obvious grime source for me is the parking lot behind my office. It’s bordered by a seedy nightclub, another warehouse and train tracks. I’ve been panhandled and bothered there multiple times. I’ve carefully stepped over used prophylactics and broken glass and flyers for baby oil bikini wrestling night. It’s a charming place. Despite all this, I only came across one good example of grime…in the form of litter. The bottle was, unsurprisingly, clean and dry. I do appreciate its location in the grass vs the usual shower of broken glass in my parking space.


Theme for next week: Cleavage. One caveat – no chest cleavage. Find something else to show separation, rift, distance, break, etc. Be creative.

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Alternate shot inspired by Pat’s excellent “behind-the-wheel” series (and soon to be exhibition)


7 responses to “SAPCC #12 – Grime

  1. Ok. Pretty smart. Give us a standard grime photo but suggest oil bikini wrestling night. Quess what image I can’t get out of my mind? Genius. I’m with you, Grime was not one of my favorite challenges.

  2. Oh, I missed your “alternate” shot until I had already pressed “send”. Now, we’re talkin. Even Grime looks beautiful behind the wheel! Thanks for shout out.

  3. I love the grimy tag. It makes me want your lens again/still/more.
    Your bottle pic reminds me of the pic I took of an empty bottle next to some empty baby food jars. I titled it “whatever gets you through the night.”

  4. this wasn’t my favorite because it was too easy to be literal. I was expecting MAJAH grime from you, Brooks.

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  6. I feel grimy already, and… surprised that there’s no pee in that bottle. You must come from the good side of town.

  7. I like the light that hits the bottle in your shot. I think I like your alternate shot best though.

    sweetiegirlz…pee in that bottle?! Hysterical.

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