The daily “would you rather…”

Would you rather:

Walk everywhere for the rest of  your life?


Sweat mustard?

Explain  your choice in the comments.


8 responses to “The daily “would you rather…”

  1. oh man, I did these for a bit and then never picked it up again. I love them.

    I already feel like I walk everywhere. So I’ll do that. At least I can still decide where I plan to walk. I can control the distance.

  2. You’re sure? No more riding bikes. No skiing. No trips to Europe or Asia.

    I LOATHE the smell of mustard but I still have to give this some thought. At the very least, you’d be on all the morning shows as the “freak who sweats mustard”.

  3. well, I can’t afford a bike or trips to europe or asia. And maybe by the time I can afford such trips, huge skywalks and bridges will be created with camps along the way so walkers are comfy in their trek.

    You know, if you sweat mustard, you’ll always have that hillbilly yellow mustard tinge. I think I just threw up a little.

  4. I’ll sweat mustard. I love driving far too much.

  5. Smack – I can’t see there being much of a market for skyways to Europe…since you’re the only poor bastard stuck walking for life.

    BM – You’d be forever driving alone. I couldn’t ride in your mustard-mobile without getting sick. Just the thought of that smell…blehh.

  6. mustard isnt that offensive as smells go. frankly, i use any foodstuff i can get my hands on just to use it as a substrate for mustard consumption. i’ll sweat mustard, and damn the consequence.

  7. Mustard offends my olfactory sensibilities with a vengeance.
    If you need me, I’ll be out walking.

  8. i would just never exert myself ever again.

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