Stoplight Abstract Prophecy

Okay, not sure what prophecy has to do with it.  I found these very interesting.  LOTS more after the jump.


Want to see more?  Of course.  It’s only human. crw_6845rsz








2 responses to “Stoplight Abstract Prophecy

  1. methinks Pat has created a monster. I didn’t take many pictures this weekend but most of them look pretty much like these. Love them :) I smell a theme.

  2. See! It’s addictive, I tell ya. My favorite is the last two with gray and orange. I’ve never had a light gray color before, it’s very nice. I would crop the blown out orange circle on right out of final print, they tend to distract the eyes, but then I’d be good to go. Go to another stoplight, of course.

    (PS. I wrote this response once but then it disappeared.)

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