Would You Rather – Tuesday, 12/9

Eat an unwrapped stick of butter pulled from a subway station garbage can?


Be painfully allergic to all meat products for ten years?

(If you’re a vegetarian, substitute vegetables for meat)


4 responses to “Would You Rather – Tuesday, 12/9

  1. i would eat the butter no question. i’ve licked a smart car AND have eaten a paintball by self-dare alone. no problem.

  2. Licked a smart car? I kiss my car full lips pretty often but I’m not sure I have licked him. Maybe tomorrow.
    Oh, I’ll take the meat allergy unless it is a vegan diet. I don’t have the patience for that.

  3. FF – Licked a smart car? You people are so weird up there. First poutine, now smart cars and paintballs?

    BM – CONGRATULATIONS! That was comment 1,000 on Penis in a Rowboat, so you get a prize. Pick out any photo from this site (or my others) and I’ll have a print shipped out to you, post haste.

  4. dude. why did you delete my response? am I going crazy? shit.

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