SAPCC #13 – Cleavage

Things don’t always line up. At least not for me.


The others:







For next week….ask Russ, it’s his turn to pick.


8 responses to “SAPCC #13 – Cleavage

  1. Is this a home project? I like the spot of yellow. It looks like it is trying to escape the jam it’s been placed in. That’s it. We are the yellow. We are all in a jam & need to seep out.

  2. It’s more fun when things don’t always line up. Unless you’re OCD-ish. Chip off the old block, eh? (okay, that was bad) I like the texture showing in the material used in this wall(?)

  3. I was hoping to see some cleavage in the pizzas, yum, they looked good. This looks like a home project I might have had a hand in! But, the truth is certainly there…some things don’t line up and I like Conni’s spin that we are the yellow. In a jam and need to seep out!!

  4. I certainly like that this is a line/crack in the foundation. I could go all kinds of obvious dark places with that.

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  6. Where’d you find such a large concrete elephant? And how’d you convince it to let its ass be photographed?

  7. Very Nice!!! I love the texture in this even though my OCD is freaking out. This would have worked great for grime too!

  8. Conni – Nope, not my house. But I love your theme of escape.

    Renee – Thanks (for the pun)! It’s a painted brick wall. Outdoors.

    Pat – The pizzas were very, very good.

    Smack – I’m sorry, but the pizzas were very, very good. And yes, this has plenty of wiggle room for interpretation.

    Chris – I just told the elephant I knew you and he was ready to spread those cheeks. Very odd…

    Russ – Thanks. Freaking out about what?

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