Would You Rather – Wednesday, 12/10

Would you rather:

Have tear ducts that produce hot sauce (and burn your eyes)?


Have fingernails and toenails that grown 2 inches per hour (24 hours a day)?


5 responses to “Would You Rather – Wednesday, 12/10

  1. forever? or a one shot deal. If it’s a one shot deal, I’ll go hot sauce tearducts because then maybe I’ll know what it’s like to cry.

  2. Forever. Forever ever? Yes, forever. Both are bizarre ailments that you would have forever.

    Hot sauce will burn like all hell every time you get remotely emotional, or even get a piece of dust in your eye that needs to be washed out.

    Nails, however, would be a never ending chore. You’d have to dispose of 80 feet of nail clippings every-single-day. 80 feet!

  3. I’ll pass on this one until Brooks starts answering his own questions :)

  4. I would pick A and never cry again.

  5. Now that I think about it, tear ducts provide our eyes with basic moisture, so that might not be a good idea. Constant burning? The nails become the easier choice…

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