Would You Rather – Thursday 12/11

Would you rather:

Work the day shift at the graveyard?


Work the graveyard shift at the Days Inn?

(stolen from 30 Rock)


5 responses to “Would You Rather – Thursday 12/11

  1. PS. Just so you know I’m not ignoring you with these types of “would you rather” posts….I hate them all not just yours!

    Sweet, I know.

  2. PPS – That’s fine. If I was the sensitive type, I would have been run out of this blog game a long time ago.

    Don’t worry, more photos coming very shortly.

  3. graveyard shift at the Days Inn &, while I kind of like these, I would still ike to know your answers, blog man :) please. i almost forgot to say please.

  4. I’d also take the Days Inn, as you’d meet all the interesting people in the wee hours of the morn.

    And you wouldn’t meet many people at the graveyard.

  5. graveyard shift at Days Inn. Imagine the stories.

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