Would You Rather – Friday, 12/12

Would you rather:

Spend your life with a very attractive partner who smelled bad?


Spend your life with a very plain partner who did not smell offensive?


5 responses to “Would You Rather – Friday, 12/12

  1. Plain but nice smelling. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but smell–well that’s just something entirely different. No one wants to be around a stinker.

  2. Tough call… a little smelly is sometimes attractive, but the right perfume can really be arousing. But then again it’s probably more so the person that’s wearing the perfume that makes it arousing…

    So am I just wild about the person that smells bad? Am I not so excited about the person that smells nice?

    I think I’m leaning toward smelly. Even nice smells start to be sickening over time if they’re associated with someone you really don’t like. And similarly, you can start to crave bad smells if they’re associated with pleasure – some ex-smokers I know act like they’re following the aroma of a fresh baked apple pie when someone walking in front of them has a lit cigarette. They go absolutely nuts…

    Smelly it is.

  3. In education, I deal with smelly teenagers all day long. It’s really tough to be close to some of them when they smell like chopped onion B.O or cat pee. (Sometimes even human pee on a really special day) The not so good looking ones, I’ll help in a second. The smelly ones, I tend to hesitate a bit more before coming over to offer individual help. Smell can interfere with many different aspects of life, not just romance.

  4. Chris – I meant physically attractive, but not that you have to be wild about. So you might be looking rather deeply into a simple question.

    Shannon – Do they really smell? I don’t remember smelling bad in high school, although I had a habit of wearing way too much Eternity by Calvin Klein.

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