Would You Rather – Monday, 12/15

Would you rather:

Forget everyone you’ve ever known?


Be forgotten by everyone you’ve ever known?

Comment: yes, this one really sucks.  Do you give up the lifetime of good and bad memories, or do you keep the memories, but suffer in isolation?  Horrible choice.


9 responses to “Would You Rather – Monday, 12/15

  1. jeez. way to drown my holiday cheer with a staunch blast of crushing hypotheticals.

    be forgotten, then reintroduce yourself.

  2. Seriously, are you on some kind of mission to spread as much malaise as possible in a short period of time?? I do like finefantastics approach, though. It’s hopeful!!

    Perhaps, an unfamiliar word to you? H O P E ?

  3. I don’t know how I even thought of this one. It’s a horrible choice.

    Hope? Like the place in Arkansas?

  4. No, the spot location inside you. You would not post at all if you didn’t have some of it. Coax it out of shadows. Who knows, you might even like yourself.

  5. Ohhh, that place. Yes, I think someone still lives in that town, but many of the residents have moved on to areas with a more thriving economy: Disappointmentville, Angerburg, Anguishtown.

  6. Listen. We are all there. It’s a fight every day. A fight, I tell ya’. It’s quite frankly easier to be cynical than hopeful. But, joyful pays dividends (people want to be around you) and where in this economy do you see that!

    So, fight the good fight, Mt.Brooks. People with talent, as you have, I feel really have an obligation to try harder than most.

    Yes, I’m adding some guilt to Disappointmentville. You may already have enough of that, but this is special “artist’s guilt”.

  7. The former, so long as I knew that I had forgotten everyone. If they all still knew me, my social network would still be there to help me build new memories. It’d actually be quite an experience to meet all my friends again for the first time.

  8. Angerburg made me laugh.

    Seeing that Alzheimer’s has smacked a few of my family members in the head, I might as well choose forget everybody. Plus I like meeting new people so it’ll kinda work out for the best.

  9. I guess I’d choose being forgotten. Having kids, I would never want to forget those firsts that you don’t get back. Plus, then you have the ability to reinvent yourself in a better way–how cool would that be? “Hi, I’m Shannon, and I never made an ass out myself at your wedding.” “Hi, I’m Shannon, and I never said those horrible things to you when I was mad at you last year.”

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