My first car accident


I don’t know how I nearly made it to 30 without being in a car accident.  Aside from some, ahem, playful (and intentional) bumping during my early driving adventures, I’ve been accident free for 13 years.

Story and more photos after the jump.

Tonight, on the interstate in a damp rain, returning from a hockey game, I heard the cars in front of me lock up their brakes.  Hard.  The sedan in front of me got really close, really quick, as they were sliding to a stop along the right edge of the lane.  I braked as hard as possible and began to slide on the wet pavement.  As the sedan fell to the shoulder, I saw the white minivan in front of it had already stopped.  This was bad.

I jerked the wheel to slide the back end of my car towards the shoulder, then briefly dropped the brake to regain traction. This pointed my nose into the other lane and the AWD pushed me forward.  I angled around the rear of the van (while still sliding) and came to a near stop.  The van had been clipped by the sedan and was already rolling off the road…when I got hit from behind.

Despite everything I had done to avoid a collision, the Toyota SUV two cars back hadn’t seen the accordion collapsing – they never slowed down. Glad that “king of the road” seating position worked out for them.  The Toyota bashed into the back of a late model Accord, which then connected, very hard, with my rear bumper.  I nearly hit the white van for the second time, but got my foot back on the brake.

The sedan in front me immediately fled the scene.  They must have realized that they were completely at fault for that accident.  Another car, presumably behind the Toyota, also floored it and got the hell out of dodge.

The Accord had considerable scrapes on its front bumper, and the trunk had taken a healthy beating from the large SUV.

The Toyota SUV, however, had gotten (deservedly) the worst of it.  The front end was a complete mess – the cracked radiator hissed and popped as it drained onto the pavement.  The woman inside was moderately injured and her door compacted shut.

My rear bumper?  A couple minor scrapes…but remarkably okay.  It seems my temporary $1,700 Subaru can take quite the licking.  I may have to keep this car…because I know the 35k Passat would certainly have needed extensive repair after that impact.

The upside of all this?  I had my camera with me…











3 responses to “My first car accident

  1. It’s actually pretty amazing that all of the damage seems relatively minor. The ghostly truck shot is still my fave.

  2. Oh such drama…we’re glad ur okay…especially in such a small car.

  3. I LOVE the second shot with the two cops talking. Nice job under duress.

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