SAPCC #14 – Sin

If ever there were an easy topic for me.  Hold on, let me finish this drink before continuing.  Ahhh, better.  I needed something to calm my nerves after the six car accident I was just in.  I’m not kidding.  Wait until the next post.  You’ll see.

I’m not sure if this photo falls under lust or pride.  And now I give you, free of charge, sin:


Alternate dirty bird.

Please review Russ, Pat, Conni, Chris, Smack and Renee.

Next week’s theme, courtesy of Chris at Small Format, shall be negative space.


9 responses to “SAPCC #14 – Sin

  1. You know when I first looked at your blog, I thought the photo of your accident was your entry. It has the “noir” factor, crime, sin. I thought, oh, that’s good! I didn’t think “accident” when first seeing it.

    Now, I realize you were in an accident. It makes me nervous to even read your account!

    So, your actual image for “sin” I didn’t get at all until I enlarged it! So, I guess you are saying that sin is an easy topic for you because of the lure of the ladies? And, for sure, ladies with decent lingerie! I guess I’d like you to explore an image that dealt with that edge of lust or pride that you mentioned. But, your “noir” photos? Love em’.

  2. gah!!!okay, dirty bird. That can be good or bad, lol. I like the white one. It’s more identifiable I guess. I could prolly only get one toe into those. Nice color and character.

  3. Come on. That’s a cock in panties. That’s funny and it fits the sinful theme. Nice.

  4. How did I not realize that was a cock? Good eye, Russ.

  5. Well, this brings new meaning to my comment “I didn’t get it all until I enlarged it.”

  6. Badumbumb! nice pat!

  7. i thought it was an owl, which made sense because it’s actually really really frowned upon in some religions for owls to sniff panties.

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  9. Pat – I’m now considering a series on the seven deadly sins. Since there are seven of us in SAPCC, we should have randomly assigned them out. Next time…

    Thanks all for the positive comments.

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