Would You Rather – Tuesday 12/23

Would You Rather:

Never see yourself again (no mirrors, photographs, reflections),


Spend 15 straight years on a live webcam?

(sorry Pat.   I like doing these.  And people’s justifications for making an impossible choice are very telling…)


2 responses to “Would You Rather – Tuesday 12/23

  1. I love these! Did you get the idea from drinking Molson? I’m pretty sure they’re on all the bottles. Might just be the Canandien though. Anyway, since I was traumatized at sharing a bathroom while dorming and my shyness of peeing or (gasp! the other!) while others are in close proximity I’d go with never seeing myself again. I’m sure I’d learn to apply makeup without a mirror.

  2. The vanity in me says number 2.

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