SAPCC #15 – Negative Space

See it?  Look carefully.


Also be sure to visit: Russ, Pat, Conni, Chris, Renee and Smack (from the eastern plains of the midwest?).

Next week’s theme?  I dunno, it’s Russy’s turn to pick.  Ask him.


10 responses to “SAPCC #15 – Negative Space

  1. Now, is this a trick? I, of course, see the empty phone kiosk. But, am I supposed to see something else? Cuz, if so, I’ve been looking and looking and all I’ve got is inversion of shadows in the kiosks and telephone wire hoops. All of which doesn’t come close to the simplicity of one empty telephone kiosk with two regular ones.

    So, if it isn’t a trick, nice one! If it isn’t, I don’t get it! Damnation, I hate when that happens.

  2. sometimes, I think someone here thinks too much :)

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  4. Ha…no tricks. I was gently mocking myself for hitting a theme more directly than I normally do. It felt too easy, but that simply shows my tendency to complicate things.

  5. Invisible phone not withstanding, some nice contrasting colors! :-)

  6. This is great! Such an excellent find, good eye sir!
    Note: I’m home for the holidays and while lookin at this photo my mom looks over my shoulder and says ‘That must be the phone you don’t call me on’. I spit my drink across the room.

  7. Russ that is hilarious, lolololol, give your mom my regards, I think I love her.

  8. I’d like to see what this looks like in monochrome.

  9. Quirky! Fun. Thanks.

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