SAPCC #16 – 2008

I’m not sure if this is looking forward or looking back.  Either way, we’re moving.  And that makes me feel better.


See the work of Russ, Chris, Smack, Pat, Renee, and Conni.

Next week’s theme? Order. Due 1/7/09.


7 responses to “SAPCC #16 – 2008

  1. ooooo I like this a lot. I like the idea of keeping it dark, it’s sort of how my 2008 ended, but the whole, keep on keepin’ on dealio is semi cheesy, but shit dude, it’s hope, right?

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  3. Are these the same tracks that Chris used in his BMW image? Lovely tones and composition and a sky to match your uncertainty of what direction you are going in.

  4. Great mood picture, I’m feeling it! Catch the train riding into a hopeful new year, I’ll take the hope. Even though the sky here is dark and stormy looking, the tracks give hope because they lead somewhere better.

  5. This feels like a looking back photo to me, with the stormy skies and icy tracks. I picture the 180 to be a sun peaking over the horizon. Very nice sir.

  6. Thank you all. No more stormy skies, please.

  7. I love it & I love that the part of the track you shot includes the track separating. (I don’t know the technical term for that).

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