Love Canal and Niagara Falls

My mother lives in the suburb just north of Buffalo, one with an eerily short drive to Love Canal.  If you don’t know about Love Canal, you’re obviously even younger than me.  Check Wikipedia.  No love there, and certainly no lolz.  If you didn’t understand the last word in the previous sentence, you’re obviously older than me.  Funny how that works.  I feel like the middle child, though I suspect every generation goes through this phase.  I know my history and respect the experience of my elders.  I also enjoy a feverish connection to the digital world, keeping abreast of the latest in music, movies and annoying interweb acronyms.

On with the pictures?  Indeed.

Love Canal. 100th Street. To the left, through the fence, is the site of the former 99th Street Elementary School.  Currently? Superfund site.  Funny how that works. 99th is gone…that’s how toxic it was.  The street is now grass, no hint of where used to be.  Google maps may show 99th, but I promise you that Google simply has an active imagination. It ain’t there. Across the “meadow”, there are inhabited houses along 96th St.  Their backyards end at the fence of the government site.  Brave…or just stupid?


Sunset looking towards the LaSalle Parkway.


Interesting light pole.  Semi-interesting.  Or maybe it was the sky I liked….


Reading material I found on the ground.  What’s that guy looking at anyway?


Niagara Falls.  I was one of 23,004 people to get this picture on this day.


And, my favorite shot of the day, Tourists in the Mist. Click to enlarge.


Check out the alternate, overexposed version.  Anyone like this better?


8 responses to “Love Canal and Niagara Falls

  1. love the hell out of the bottom three! you are great with fog I tell ya. I say no to the over exposed version, it’s good the way it is.

  2. I think I like the lighter version. I’d like to see the fog accentuated even more with a curve that’s softly raised in the middle.

  3. Oh, hell, I just lost this entire comment somewhere. Jist of it was that I like the darker fog one but would love to take a leveling curve to several of the others: the sunset, the newspaper, the telephone pole. They appear flater and darker than they should, at least to me.

    The Mermaid in the Mist one was great!

  4. tourists in the mist in unreal. dreamlike and nightmarish all at once. the shot of the overlook bridge thingee over the falls made me look away. I can’t even see that stuff, makes my armpits crawl up into my body. Dig dig dig the light pole. Just feels like the Buffalo/Ohio area.

    AND I LOOOOOOOVE the overexposed version. I am discovering my love for the wrong way :)

  5. Niagara falls shot is beautiful. I like the regular tourist shot better only because the fog looks fake in the alternate version.

  6. I love those last two shots. The nipple sucking one isn’t bad either.
    I’m familiar with Love Canal. Interesing to see those photos.

  7. Oh, and I do like the overexposed one better. Very eerie.

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