Buffalo Photo Series

Part 1 of ?





5 responses to “Buffalo Photo Series

  1. i like the third one down. they look like crumbling shortcakes with windows. yummm

  2. OK, now I know you’re all about the cool photo shots and I’m very much NOT photography-minded, but come on…couldn’t you have taken any pictures of the nice areas??? I guess my non-artistic side is showing.

  3. I like ruins of any sort as monuments to past glory. Keep them coming. I’ll post some more of my own photos from the same shoot soon.

  4. FF – those structures are perched at the top of 150 foot tall grain elevators. Who worked up there? Why do they look like human dwellings? I always think of Indian (fine, Native American) living spaces carved high into the cliff walls in the southwest.

    Shan – You don’t find the Peace Bridge a nice area? What, do you hate peace? I bet you hate freedom too…

    Chris – I’ve got more. Not a ton, but enough for several more posts. I look forward to your similar shots.

  5. It makes sense to keep them so unsaturated. Er, at least without a lot of color. It stays true to the feeling of the area.

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