SAPCC #17 – Order

I hate when I pick the theme and then can’t find the shot I want.  One would think I might have an advantage.  One would be wrong.

I kept my eye peeled for police activity – that’s the order I was thinking of.  Didn’t happen.  Perhaps I should spend more time in dangerous areas (like Triangle Town Center mall).  It’s always a good sign when the mall anchored by Saks Fifth Avenue is the site of a 300 person gang riot/brawl/donnybrook.

Back to order.  This is what I got.


Next week? LINES.

Be sure to visit Russ, Conni, Chris, Renee, Smack and Pat.


5 responses to “SAPCC #17 – Order

  1. Nice angle! Funny you thought cops and couldn’t find any and I was actually thinking restaurants and didn’t shoot any. This place looks like that burger joint PT’s. I want a burger now, great.

  2. I love that place. WHat a fun way to order. The angle makes it almost look like a voting booth of some sort. One of those voting booths that produces votes that need to be recounted several times due to negligence and stupidity on the part ofthe voters.
    I saw police tonight but wasn’t fast enough with the draw to catch the blurry bright lights in the rearview… and it was raining… sorry Pat.

  3. This is Armadillo Grill in Raleigh. I eat there, umm, too often. I’ve stopped using the paper order forms as an act of environmental defiance. The regular lunch cashier seems to have accepted my terms.

    And I still don’t like this shot, but thanks.

  4. We all have weeks when we are not happy with a shot. Yet, having to post anyway is a discipline that over all makes us better in weeks to come, don’t you think?

    Have never heard of Armadillo Grill in the northeast. The name doesn’t have my mouth watering right off the bat I have to say.

    How about a restaurant called “Road Kill”.

    Order, please?

  5. freakin’ lines.

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