Still wishing away that last SAPCC

But wishing won’t make it so….so, I’ll just hit you with more of my recent Buffalo industrial series.  I have a lot of these – you’re not out of the woods yet.






4 responses to “Still wishing away that last SAPCC

  1. Leave last week behind. You are trying to capture something here. Is it that they survive or are abandoned?

  2. While I likethem all, the most disturbing is the one with the houses in the foreground. That is sad.

  3. Pat – I see this as a series of monuments. Reminders of far better days for Buffalo. It’s not entirely depressing.

    Thanks Conni. That photo is my favorite of the bunch and I wish I could use it as my LINES shot, but it was taken just after xmas. I have another shot of this same scene that is even more powerful. Maybe I’ll post it now…

  4. the second one is ridiculous. I can hear Fargo music.

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