SAPCC #18 – Lines

For the fun of it.


At the request insistence of Smack, the next theme is PRICK.  Do with it what ye may.

To prove I’m not alone in my insanity, visit Russ, Pat, Conni, Renee, Smack and Chris.


10 responses to “SAPCC #18 – Lines

  1. Oh, I love this even though I’m not sure what it is! Ink cartridges? Staplers? Doesn’t really matter: color, lines, intriguing.

    Next week’s theme? “Do with it what ye may..”

    What I “may” is to skip it. I’m going to leave pricks to you younger folks!

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  3. oh my GOD. PRICK IS AN ACTION AS WELL. It’s called interpretation, people! Sheesh.

    breathing, breathing.

    anyway, I love this. It’s like candy. It makes me thirsty. It makes me want a first date again. It makes me miss band trips. It makes me think of having a belly ache because of ice cream.

  4. Yay, you focused on my favorite color! kewl.
    golf putters? haha. okay maybe not. ignore me, K?

  5. golf putters, yes! very nice sir. love the focus on this and the colors are fantastic.

  6. Ohhhh, golf putters. I should have guessed from the golf pics I saw. It took me a minute to figure it out. Love it.

  7. Pat – PRICK instantly made me start looking for rose bushes today. And wrought iron fences with sharp spears. No need to skip. Also, visit your local BMW dealership for inspiration.

    smack – Deep breath. I get the same feeling from this photo…reminds me of the smell of bowling alleys and popcorn and skeeball and cranking a purple ball into the middle of Union Road and getting kicked out of Putt Putt.

    renee – You should see my closet. Way too many blue shirts. It’s not funny. But you are correct! Golf putters.

    Russ – Thank you, sir.

    Conni – I took roughly a hundred photos during 18 holes. More of them might show up here. (the photos might show up, not the holes) {yes, that’s what she said}

  8. You are in a spot where rose bushes are visible, right? Mine are buried in snow and ice! I’ve just started a five day series titled, “Driving to the Inaugural” and there is no way I’m going to think about or end it with this week’s theme. So, skip it I shall. There’s still freedom of choice in SAPCC and America, correct?

  9. Freedom of choice in SAPCC? Pssshhhaw. I think not. Maybe I’ll change next week’s theme to waterboarding to sort out who is a patriot and who hates freedom and democracy. Don’t misunderestimate me – I’ll do it.

  10. This still reminds me of a typewriter for some reason.

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