SAPCC #19 – Prick

I kept an eye out for all things prickish.  Didn’t see much.  Then, leaving the office yesterday, I was pricked by this sight (left) as I swung the backdoor shut and closed the iron gate over top of it.  Beautiful sun and sky.  It pricked me.  A few hours later, leaving my house, I saw the deep pink sunset retreating over the trees across the street.  Pricked again.  I dashed back inside to find the camera.

Click to enlarge.


Next week shall be……STRANGER!

And now be sure to sample the delectable offerings of Russ, Chris, Renee, Conni, Smack and Pat.


12 responses to “SAPCC #19 – Prick

  1. The shot on the left is my favorite. I love the smokeyness that the focus brings to the photo! This would have worked great for lines as well!

  2. Gorgeous shots. Analogy a bit far-fetched!!! A bit a lot far-fetched! :-)

  3. I’ll agree it’s reaching but the photos are nice lol.

  4. Interesting take on “prick.” I like them both. The colors of the sunset would have had me grabbing for the camera too. The one on the left… that’s a good eye.

  5. Thanks all…and yes, it is a really stretchy stretch. But that’s what it is. I’ve been busy taking other photos and working on other projects.

  6. They’re still pretty.

  7. Nice, particularly so side-by-side – it provides more of an element of framing than normally seen on wordpress.

  8. I want this. I want them framed side by side but without the pink on the right. I never knew prick could be so soothing. It makes me feel like 5 ice cubes went down my back.

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  10. It’s me again. I can’t get enough of the one on the left. It’s a little like wallpaper. those little puffies. I likes..

  11. smack – Without the pink? Are the other colors okay? That’s a very picky request…

  12. I just like all the moody cold blue. I guess I’m anti pink this week. er… last week.

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