The anti-stranger

The photo challenge draws nigh.  Around Tuesday of each week I begin sifting through a pile of shots to determine if I have anything suitable for the weekly theme.  Often, I do not.  This leads to some Tuesday night shooting.  Possibly even Wednesday afternoon.  So today, as I consider “stranger”, I’m left thinking of the opposite.  The familiar.

This is my familiar.  My wife, Karen.  She knows me like no other.  And, to her credit, she still finds reason to smile at me every day.




5 responses to “The anti-stranger

  1. She’s beautiful, with lovely soulful eyes that are so open to anything, and miss absolutely nothing.

  2. Definitely the “anti” stranger. How lucky you are to have her!

  3. “Around Tuesday of each I begin sifting through a week’s shots to determine if I have anything suitable for the weekly theme. Often, I do not.”

    Really? You don’t think about the theme consciously at all until Tuesday? I think about this theme in some way or another all week long. It lurks in the creativity chamber. If I don’t have anything at the end of the week it’s not because I haven’t been thinking about it.

    Having said that, if I had a spouse as lovely (and with such nice teeth!) and inclined toward smiles as your wife, perhaps I wouldn’t be thinking about themes at all.

    The first is a wonderful portrait.

  4. Thanks for the compliments. She is definitely special.

    Pat – I do start thinking of the theme immediately, and I’m constantly looking and shooting things that might fit. What I meant was – on Tuesday, I take a good look at everything and see if I’m happy with something already shot, or if I need to scramble in the next 12 hours.

  5. I often do the Tuesday night scramble as well :) Technically mine is a Wednesday a.m.

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