SAPCC #20 – stranger

Meet Bob.  Forty years ago Bob moved his dairy farm from Maine to North Carolina.  Do you know what it takes to move a dairy farm?  He enlisted the help of everyone he knew and they formed a giant caravan of cow carriers.  Bob’s fleet transported several hundred dairy cows across the George Washington Bridge.  Think about that.

Before meeting Bob on Sunday, he was a stranger.  After conversation and a few photos, he is an acquaintance.  Going forward, I hope to have him as a friend.


Click to enlarge.  Also see Russ, Smack, Renee, Chris, Conni and Pat.

The next theme?  Prepare yourself for…RAPTURE.  (I’m already excited by the many possibilities….)


7 responses to “SAPCC #20 – stranger

  1. I

    Everything I love about life is in Bob’s face. That picture is absolutely precious as fuck. i love bob.

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  3. What she said.

  4. That is an excellent shot & I love the story. EXCELLENT work!!!!

  5. You know what kills me about Bob?

    His hat is the same relative shape as his silos!

    Awww..this was really nice but by no means should be titled “stranger”. He is known the instant that you look at this portrait.

  6. i would rock that hat.

  7. See? You don’t meet people without talking to people. You don’t become friends without being a friend. Thanks for sharing Bob with us.

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