SAPCC 21 – Rapture

Thought I had some good ideas.  Didn’t pan out.  Scramble scramble scramble.  And I’m not making eggs.

For the idea of christian rapture, which wasn’t my primary idea at all, the jesus people will be literally lifted from the earth and taken to heaven before the final battle of good vs evil on earth.  This also includes the deceased christians.  If rapture is nigh, there will be some scary shit going down (or up) at your local graveyard.  Anyway, since I’m not part of that group, the only way I’ll be heading up to the pearly gates will involve a commercial flight.


Also, I caught this illustration in my seatback pocket:


She’s floating in a body of water after what we can only assume to be an air disaster.  And she looks great. Her hair billows dramatically, her cheeks are seductively flushed, and she still has the presence to know where the camera is.  What kind of nutjob hits you with a come-hither stare in this situation?  Someone who is in complete rapture.  That’s who.  Game, set, match.

Go see Russ, Conni, Chris, Smack, Renee, and Pat.


11 responses to “SAPCC 21 – Rapture

  1. She is Awesome! I love her face and the blowing hair! and she is totally throwin come hither, I agree. Eh, it’s the end of days, she’s only got one rapture in mind.

  2. I never did know what to do with the seat! This illustration may be of a nutjob but up until seeing it I was thinking I was supposed to wear the seat like a backpack. Speaking of nutjobs….

  3. Some food for thought about the cushion girl. Yeah, I love the billowy clouds, especially in that light! That is the ONLY part I like about traveling.

  4. when Im’ freezing and calling sharks with my estrogen, I can only hope I look that sassy

  5. The cloud picture is beautiful. Great job timing a business trip this week :)
    As for billowy hair, wow. Nice find. Wouldn’t you be using your come hither stare too? Don’t you want to be the first out of the water?

  6. Good Point Conni, She should take off her clothes too. lol.

  7. Yes, the reasoning could be that the clothes will weigh you down.

  8. Priceless! Love the slightly open mouth too. To be fair, they could have hiked up the dress in the water and did not.

  9. She’s like the fuckin lady of Shalott.

    I feel violated by her sexy-stare.

    Speaking of rapture, my high school politics teacher was trying to think of the term for it and was like
    “the big…you know…the big snatch…”

  10. so what the shit is this weeks? I’m going to TRY to make it since it falls on my birthday.

  11. Thanks all…I guess I should publish the rest of the airborne illustration series. Yes, there is more to be had.

    Next week’s theme is Habit.

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