Random Catch-Up

I’ve been gone for a while.  Let’s catch up.  This may seem unnecessarily random…and you’d be right.

The wife and I agreed to split the shopping trip – I went over to Home Depot for the new thermostat, she went next door to Bed Bath & Beyond (my least favorite store).  I got my one item and walked over to BBB to find her.  The store is the same everywhere – the same layout, the same crap.  And it was empty.  I saw the edge of civilization.

No, there was no Lord of the Flies shit going on.  It was simply the realization that the economy of the civilized world is based entirely on the consumption of crap we don’t need.  Snuggies.  Inflatable neck pillows.  Novelty doormats.  Nobody needs this stuff.  Yet there is a company making it, employing a bunch of people who go spend their paychecks on stuff they don’t need, and the cycle continues.  I don’t have a solid theory on this yet…but I’m working on it.

What I’ve been watching – in brief:

The Wrestler.  I like the director.  I like the actor.  I f’n loved the trailer.  But the movie…meh.  It didn’t win me over.  And I don’t really know why.  The visual style was completely documentary, with a lot of close following shots, as the film tries to keep us in the main character’s space and environment.  Great location choices, very violent wrestling scenes, and a brilliant trailer.  Mickey Rourke was outstanding.  I probably overhyped the movie to myself based on the trailer.  I do that sometimes.  I will definitely watch this movie again, and I suspect it will grow on me.

Slumdog Millionaire.  Very, very good.  Best picture?  Nah, not quite.  The lead actors were pretty good, especially the younger kids.  I liked the meandering story line and overall premise.  The problem?  There was a touch of something overly dramatic with the whole gangster character.  Highly enjoyed this film.

Revolution Road.  Nice and difficult.  Depressing.  Very well made, very well acted.  But, be warned – you won’t leave feeling great about things…especially for those who live in the suburbs.  Good, but not sure I need to see it again soon.

Be Here To Love Me.  Documentary about the great songwriter Townes Van Zandt.  Not the most traditional documentary I’ve seen, but Townes was one of the least conventional artsists in music.  Great to see footage of old performances.

10th & Wolf.  Crime/mob drama set in Philadelphia.  Tommy is kicked out of the marines during the first gulf war.  Rather than spend time in the brig, he takes the offer from the feds to go back to his old neighborhood as a rat.  Typical crime/mob drama ensues.  Enjoyable, not great.  Also saw a multitude of horrendous continuity errors, particularly in one scene.  I’d recommend watching if you come across it on HBO while you’re on vacation and it’s raining.  No need to go out of your way.

The Black Dahlia.  I turned it off after 20 minutes.  And I never do that.  Enough said.

Laurel Canyon.  I didn’t know what I was going to get.  Pleasant surprise.  Frances McDormand is so damn good at what she does…this is very much her movie.

Gonzo.  Documentary on Hunter S. Thompson.  He’s always been one of my favorite writers so it was easy for me to enjoy this great film.  I learned a few Highly recommend.


3 responses to “Random Catch-Up

  1. Way to go Mickey Rourke!


  2. I’m reading Revolution Road right now and can’t wait to see the movie! I NEVER want to see movies…the last movie (not including Disney movies w/ the kids) that I actually went to go see with my husband was Ladder 49. That’s right. I was pregnant with my now 4-year-old. Is it worth breaking my 4-year hiatus to the Regal?

  3. The wife and you? So I guess things are back to hunky dory then? Woohoo! I may have missed a few post here and there… Obviously! :-)

    The Wrestler: I did not like the movie. I though Rourke acted his part brilliantly (I’m not sure how hard it was for him to get in character – he may have been rehearsing the method acting for years on this one) but the character was not lovable at all. To expect redemption when you have nothing left to lose does not make him an endearing person in my book. The violence was disturbing too. When they got the stapler out, I went to get a stiff drink at the bar.

    Watched “The Live of Others” the other day and I could not recommend it enough. Not a new movie though. 2007 vintage.

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