She has a sizable trust fund established by her father after he showed her his penis in a rowboat.

I suppose you want to know things about me.

I think it’s cruel to carry a dog in a bag.

I have one wife, two dogs, two cats, two cars, one house, three cameras, and two pairs of jeans I really like.

I’m sick of celebrity worship.

I’m finally realizing that money doesn’t equal happiness.

I’m a writer/director/editor.

No, seriously, I get paid to write, direct and edit. It rocks.

I have a film degree.

I got into college because of my SAT scores.

I hold the school record for largest drop in class rank from freshman to senior year (#4 – #130).

I met my wife online.

I can finally admit that I met my wife online.

I’ve lived in New York, Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey and Florida.

Alternate name choices for this blog included “Farting On Leather” and “Robot Nick Nolte”.


4 responses to “HEAD PENIS

  1. FARTING ON LEATHER. Sweet sweet happiness.

  2. You should try it with a nutsack – truly uplifting experience.

  3. You are FUNNY! I would love to add you to my blogroll however you must understand that with a blog name such as Penis in a Rowboat, however profound that may be, I could not do so without hurting the sensibilities of many of my fellow Texans and risking a one-way ticket to the border wrapped in tar and feathers.
    Thanks for the entertainment though!
    Ps: Farting on Leather would be equally inadequate.

  4. That’s why I bought a BMW with leather seats. Like an aftermarket exhaust for your ass.

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