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The DailyRathr is alive. Aliiiiiiiive!

You may remember the recent rash of inane choices I was generating here on Penis in a Rowboat.  You may have liked them, you may have hated them.  Thankfully, you won’t find any more here.  Instead, they’ve moved to a spanking new site of their own: The dailyRathr.  You get a ridiculous choice for every day of the week.  Agonize, vote, comment…then check back the next morning.


DailyRathr – Wednesday, 1/07

The DailyRathr is coming.  I promise.  Until then, ponder this:

Would you rather dip your feet in a bucket of maggots for 1 minute,


hold a mouthful of Listerine for 20 minutes?

Would You Rather – Tuesday, 12/30

Yesterday had no choices to make.  Lucky you.  Today, however, is different.  And this Would You Rather nonsense has led to an interesting new development…one I am not ready to discuss.  Soon.

Would You Rather:

Be an overpaid doctor?


Be an underpaid celebrity?

Would You Rather – Wednesday 12/24

Special xmas eve edition!

Would you rather:

Spend eternity working 18 hour days in Santa’s sweatshop toymaking operation?


Spend twenty years cleaning and sorting all the teeth collected by the tooth fairy?

Would You Rather – Tuesday 12/23

Would You Rather:

Never see yourself again (no mirrors, photographs, reflections),


Spend 15 straight years on a live webcam?

(sorry Pat.   I like doing these.  And people’s justifications for making an impossible choice are very telling…)

Would You Rather – Monday 12/22

Would you rather:

Fight 20 assorted fourth graders,


Fight 3 high school freshman (of your gender)?

Would You Rather – Friday 12/19

Would you rather:

Work a job you hate (I mean really hate) and be able to retire after five years?


Work a job you love for the rest of your life, but never have quite enough money to be comfortable?