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SAPCC 21 – Habit

Some bad habits develop on their own; others are sponsored by your employer.  My bad habit belongs in that latter variety.


And that’s only part of the daily spread.  I’d like to see you keep your grubby fingers out of there, day in, day out.

Go see Russ, Conni, Renee, Smack, Chris, and Pat.

Next week: RUN.  Be quick, people.


Candy (from a stranger)

These photos have languished on my hard drive since the Durango trip.  Not as sharp as I wanted, but I had to shoot most of these through glass, handheld.  And if I complain about the sharpness enough, eventually the Wife in a Rowboat will let me drop a few quid on a new lens.

Detail of the triple chocolate cherries – the stems look like lobster or crab appendages.

“No accusations, just friendly crustaceans…”