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SAPCC – Hide

I didn’t get the shot I wanted. Not at all.  But this also works quite well.


RussConniChris? – Smack? – Renee?

Next week: Trace.  Should be fun.  And I may be dropping a second Hide on you in the next couple days.

Also, I’m finally about to drop some cash on a new (used) camera.  I could piss myself with excitement.


New lens – Canon 50mm 1.8

I bought it used for $70.  Very plastic construction.  I’m hoping the $70 lens can overcome my $60 talent.

First shot. 1/180, 1.8, 400iso

Now I have a lens to take on vacation while my primary Sigma gets repaired.

He was just another noisy little punk in the great legion of punks who marched between the banners of bigger and better men. Freedom, Truth, Honour- you could rattle off a hundred such words and behind every one of them would gather a thousand punks, pompous little farts, waving the banner with one hand and reaching under the table with the other.

quote – Hunter S Thompson

photos – mine

Need: Camera Nerds

Before anyone says it, the most important part of any photograph is the eyes behind it. The equipment does not make the image. I know this, I believe this.

I also know that my Canon 10D is getting long in the tooth and started throwing errors. And the AF is starting to get sketchy at times. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it through the last four years. I’m thinking of moving up to a USED Canon 5D or Canon 1D MkII. Can anyone share an opinion on this, positive or negative?

I’ve never used a 5D but have heard great things about the full frame sensor providing great image quality. I have used the 1D MkII and know how heavy it is. It’s also insanely fast with the AF and the full size body balances lens weight quite well. The 70-200 2.8L mounted on my 10D seems pretty secure…yet I can still picture the lens mount ripping off the camera body if I don’t support the lens enough.

Being completely honest, there is a certain vanity that comes with the full body size – it’s clearly not a recreational camera. The 5D is far easier to disappear with…unless you have a white L series lens, which always stick out like a sore thumb.

So the price of a used 5D isn’t much lower than a 1D MkII. Pretty close actually. Which would you pick?

(yes, I’d consider a Nikon, but I can’t afford a D3 or D700).

Wedding Photos – Tiffany & Trevor

Photo Set: American Morning

I’ve always had a strange relationship with Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs. It’s where I was born, where I was raised, and where I think I’ll always feel most at home. Strangely, I feel somewhat out of place there, one of the many reasons I ran (I ran so far away) when it was time for college. It’s a blue collar town, while I eschew collars in favor of grandiose verbosity. I’m one of them liberal elitist pricks. Buffalo is more honest than me. More visceral. Hell, the bars stay open til 4am.

And yet I will always harbor an unseen draw back to my city on the lake. If the economy wasn’t so shat up, and the winter less awful, I’d probably have a long term plan to return. Until the job market rebounds and climate change shortens the winters, I’ll have to enjoy Buffalo from afar.

These photos were taken early one morning throughout the blue collar suburb of North Tonawanda, NY.

This is the alternate bicycle shot. I like it better…except I clipped the rear wheel with the frame. Does it matter? Is it better than the wider shot?