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Looking for the newest SAPCC?

Check HERE.  On the new blog.  I told you.


SAPCC #22 – Run

Next week, look for SAPCC on the new Penis in a Rowboat.

Russ said he didn’t want to do a sneaker commercial.  Good thing…because I did.  I wanted a reason to try out my new flash.  I only bought a flash because Russ said it would help my pictures not suck so badly.  Not sure if he can be trusted: he’s only in it for the gear.


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Next week’s theme is Reflect.

SAPCC #19 – Prick

I kept an eye out for all things prickish.  Didn’t see much.  Then, leaving the office yesterday, I was pricked by this sight (left) as I swung the backdoor shut and closed the iron gate over top of it.  Beautiful sun and sky.  It pricked me.  A few hours later, leaving my house, I saw the deep pink sunset retreating over the trees across the street.  Pricked again.  I dashed back inside to find the camera.

Click to enlarge.


Next week shall be……STRANGER!

And now be sure to sample the delectable offerings of Russ, Chris, Renee, Conni, Smack and Pat.

SAPCC #18 – Lines

For the fun of it.


At the request insistence of Smack, the next theme is PRICK.  Do with it what ye may.

To prove I’m not alone in my insanity, visit Russ, Pat, Conni, Renee, Smack and Chris.

SAPCC #15 – Negative Space

See it?  Look carefully.


Also be sure to visit: Russ, Pat, Conni, Chris, Renee and Smack (from the eastern plains of the midwest?).

Next week’s theme?  I dunno, it’s Russy’s turn to pick.  Ask him.

SAPCC #13 – Cleavage

Things don’t always line up. At least not for me.


The others:







For next week….ask Russ, it’s his turn to pick.